Medical Economics: “Why changing to concierge medicine during COVID-19 was the best decision I ever made”

Zev Cohen, MDFor most of us, our personal timelines may forever be demarcated as pre- and post-coronavirus eras.  My professional journey will likewise be defined as before and after my change to a concierge medicine practice. In what can be viewed as a seemingly insurmountable challenge wrapped in an extraordinary opportunity, both of these events occurred simultaneously for me last March. Three months later, I can say with no reservations whatsoever, that it was the best decision possible.

The need to provide patients with deeply personalized care and attention during an unprecedented health crisis could not have been more urgent — or more impossible to deliver — in a traditional practice. Far from being risky or ill-timed, my transition to concierge medicine has benefited both me and my patients in ways that continue to beautifully unfold. Had I not begun my personalized practice then, I would have been totally unprepared to face the challenges of an empty waiting room and infrequent office visits. My patients would not have received the unlimited time and attention I was profoundly thankful to provide.

I’m grateful to share this personal and professional miracle with you at a time when so few are occurring in healthcare. As importantly, I encourage physicians who may still be reeling from the pandemic’s destructive effects to consider the concierge model as a way to thrive sustainably and practice some of the best medicine of your career.

For me, the Specialdocs team has proven to be ideal partners, guiding and advising me throughout the evolving situation, with a strong and clear commitment to my long-term success. Click to read the full article.

Zev Cohen, MD

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