Frequently Asked Questions

Enhanced Personalized Care Benefits Included as Part of the Annual Fee.
These offerings are not covered by Medicare or by other insurance plans.
My practice size is smaller, which allows my office staff and me to provide you with the following membership benefits:

Direct communication with me or my assistant during office hours. When you call my office during office hours there will be no recording to navigate … only real people to take your call, with a concern for your health and well-being. All phone calls will be returned promptly. If you feel the problem is urgent, I will make every effort to speak to you at the time of your call.

With rare exceptions you will always be seen by me. For continuity of care you will be seen by me - the provider who knows you best - rather than a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. During my occasional absence from the office, a trusted colleague will serve as my covering physician.

A dedicated cell phone number will be provided to you. This allows easy and direct communication for urgent medical problems that occur outside of regular office hours. I will use my reasonable and best efforts to be available when you need me to coordinate your care. For emergencies, however, always call 911 first.

Convenient email communication for non-urgent health issues or questions. You will receive a prompt response from me personally (usually within 24 hours). Email communications are not always secure. Therefore, please use discretion when choosing topics to discuss with me.

Little or no office waiting room time and longer appointments. Office visits will start promptly. Appointments will generally be scheduled for approximately 30 minutes and a comprehensive annual health assessment will be scheduled for approximately 60 minutes. My aim is to afford you the time to thoroughly address all your questions and concerns, regardless of the reason for your visit.

Hearing screening, heart and pulmonary evaluation. As part of my commitment to preventive care, your yearly physical exam will be enhanced to include an annual hearing screening examination excluding diagnostic hearing and balance exams. I believe that regular hearing screenings are an important tool for early detection of hearing loss. Additionally, when appropriate, a comprehensive pulmonary evaluation, including pulmonary function testing and pulse oximetry will be performed. An electrocardiogram will be completed to help evaluate heart health. These tests will be billed through your insurance, and you or your insurer will be responsible for payment.

Strong focus on preventive medicine and good health. As part of my commitment to your long-term health I will provide a more comprehensive and continuous approach to your overall well-being, beyond the wellness benefits provided by insurance coverage. My assistants and I will provide support in helping you reach your goals. Each patient who participates will be  encouraged to take part in setting his or her own goals and will receive our continuous assistance with follow-through. This will support your efforts to take an active role in managing and maintaining your good health.

Personalized hospital care. If you are hospitalized, I will make myself available when I can to communicate with you and to serve as an advocate on your behalf. If you wish, unless hospital policy or protocol does not allow, I will do what I reasonably can to remain involved in your care by communicating with the hospitalists and attending physicians who are providing services to you.

Independent or skilled facility care. If you are admitted to an independent or a skilled nursing facility, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, I will make myself available when I can and communicate with those involved with your care on a case-by-case basis. I will also make myself available to your family to address any concerns and offer counsel.

Adult dependent children of members are welcome. If a parent joins my personalized care practice, I will be happy to care for their adult dependent children ages 18 up to 26 without an additional membership fee.

“Virtual” consultations and long-distance care. If you are on vacation, living some of the year in a second residence, or otherwise unable to come to the office, I will offer a “virtual” consultation as determined on a case-by-case basis. Many of your medical needs can be addressed via a “virtual” office visit using your computer or smartphone. This will be at my discretion and subject to applicable state law requirement. This includes your enrolled dependents who may be away at college. However, if in my judgment you need to be seen by a local physician, you’ll be encouraged by me to seek medical attention. I will communicate with you directly, as well as with the treating physician as needed, to support the coordination of your care and health issues that may arise.

Care for visiting relatives and friends. Should your out-of-town family or friends become ill during a visit to the area, I will be happy to see them in my office and assist with their medical care. I will treat them as though they were a member of my practice.

Coordination of care. With a smaller, more patient-focused practice, there will be more time to help you get a timely appointment, communicate with the specialist and advocate for you.

Quarterly newsletter on topics relevant to your health and well-being. I will provide periodic newsletters on medical subjects of interest.

Travel medicine consultation. I will offer guidance on CDC recommended inoculations and/or precautions to be taken while traveling.